Simplified payments and invoice management in one place.

Join thousands of businesses of all sizes using Gladefinance’s accounts, payments, and invoicing solutions to manage and scale their businesses.

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Global Accounts

Open a domestic or foreign currency business account in minutes and start receiving payments immediately.

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Account Selection
Account Selection

Transfers and FX

Make domestic and international payments to
your suppliers and vendors with low fees and
great exchange rates.

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Borderless cards: The way to pay in the global economy.

Create a virtual card to manage one-time or recurring payments with or specific vendors or subscriptions. This can help you track spending and ensure that your team only spends money on approved items

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Loan Officers

Affordable and accessible capital for businesses of all sizes.

Get the capital you need to grow your business with our collateral-free loans. We offer competitive interest rates and no guarantors required. You can get approved within 24 hours, so you can start growing your business sooner.

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Take control of your business expenses.

Stay on top of your company expenses with budgets, spend limits, employee cards, and reconciliation.

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Expense Management

Accept payments quickly and easily with our POS terminals.

Our Android 2-in-1 POS terminal is the perfect way to simplify your in-store payment collection and instantly receive payment into your account.

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Improve your cash flow with smarter invoicing

Our invoicing features makes it easy to create
professional, tax-compliant invoices. With our
pre-integrated payment options, your clients can
immediately pay online or via bank transfer in a few clicks.

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Payroll that's easy to use

The simplest way to pay your people. Give your employees early access to their earned salary with Gladefinance Payroll Access.

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Gladefinance Checkout

With Gladefinance Checkout, you can accept payments from clients all over the world, using a variety of payment methods. You can also create beautiful, branded payment requests, and share them with your clients with just a few clicks.



QR Pay

Bank Transfer

Mobile Money

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Don’t take our word for it

Read what other business owners say about our product

Abel Adugam Nibori image
Abel Adugam Nibori


star rating

“When it comes to handling payments, Gladefinance has always been on its feet to ensure the process is seamless, and whenever we encounter minor issues, the support team is swift in resolving them. Speed and seamless experience are what we love about Gladefinance.”

Abdulhameed Yunusa image
Abdulhameed Yunusa


star rating

“My favorite things about Gladefinance have to be the fact that there are no pesky hidden charges, it takes about 10 minutes to get a business account, and the customer service is lightning fast! You don’t know how much you need Gladefinance until you use the services.”

Ango Mustapha image
Ango Mustapha

Mustees Clothing

star rating

“Gladefinance has helped my business grow in all forms, from creating invoices easily to accepting payments seamlessly and so much more. Indeed running a business in Nigeria is less stressful with Gladefinance.”

Tolu image

Melting Moments

star rating

“Gladefinance has been the perfect growth partner, providing us with business accounts and payments that have made it possible for me to scale my business. I recommend Gladefinance to every business owner looking to take their business to the next level.”

Apostle Landlord image
Apostle Landlord

Salescraft Limited

star rating

“Gladefinance has contributed massively to the success of my business. The invoicing and expense management features helped me track my sales and expenses better, and I realized it was easier to track my revenue. I now do all of my payment and banking operations on Gladefinance, and it’s been a game changer for my business.”

Grace image

Gracias Kitchen

star rating

“I had hesitated to try out a new fintech startup service for my business because I was concerned about the financial impact. But surprisingly, the fees at Gladefinance are incredibly competitive and transparent. I’ve recommended Gladefinance to a few of my business owners’ friends, who are also impressed.”

Join thousands of business owners using our products to scale their businesses